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I believe that abstract art is an artist’s way to express how he/she views the world and it’s most beautiful contents.  Whether it be a world renowned dancer or a working mother of four, I reinvent the female body into figurative work of art.  I use line and negative space to push and pull at area’s where heads become arms, and arms become legs.  The use of flowing lines simplifies the figure and suggests motion, which leads the viewer’s eye throughout the piece allowing them to question the normality of society’s views on the woman figure.

 Early on in life I found I was a three dimensional thinker and a hands on person.  Growing up just outside of a small town in Missouri, children had to occupy themselves throughout the long summers.  While other kids went to the pool or summer camp, I found myself working on wooden projects in my father’s barn.  My curiosities as a child filled my desire to become an artist.  Succeeding with drawing in high school I went on to college and enrolled in sculpture, where I knew I had found my creative place.

Working mainly in bronze I use a technique called direct wax; first sculpting the figure out of wax, then creating a ceramic mold.  The wax is then burnt out of the mold which leaves a hollow cavity for the molten bronze.  After casting is complete the bronze is then sanded smooth and a patina is applied.  My sculptures are intended to question the way we view everyday people and encourage viewers to think outside the box. 

In the past 6 years I have created over twenty works of bronze and wood sculture. Currently, I am exploring other mediums and am constantly trying to push myself to reinvent the normal perception of the human figure. In the near future I intend to obtain my master's degree, which will allow me to assist beginning sculpture students in finding their creative calling.


A R T I S T ' S  S T A T E M E N T
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